Histories of a Nation brings the oral histories and traditions of the Waitaha people which casts light on the culture, scientific and natural wisdom of the early peoples of New Zealand

About Histories of a Nation

First published in 1994 this beautiful book of 312 pages contains stories, histories, illustrations and photos that inspire a love for the land of Aotearoa New Zealand was sold out within a few months and only now has become available again...

Background of the book Song of Waitaha

For years New Zealand archaeologists have been puzzled by a people who lived without weapons and created trading systems that moved industrial stone the length of the country. These writings explain they were a peaceful confederation of over two hundred iwi known as the ‘Nation’. It tells their story from the dawntime of exploration and settlement to the final days.

‘Song of Waitaha’ repairs the torn fabric of our past and opens doors into the future.

‘If we are not gentle with life, the garden within us dies’

Histories tell of a society where many peoples walked in harmony with each other. It shows how they honoured the land and waters to sustain life - harvesting birds and fish to increase the numbers, cutting tall trees for Waka and leaving the forest stronger, carving stone without breaking its spirit, respecting the rivers - keeping the environment in balance.

This treasure from the days of the ancestors, journeys out of timeless realms where the people and the land were one beneath the stars. It carries wisdom born of the ancient trails of the spirit and adds a thousand years of wonder to our past. It reminds us - if we lose our story we lose our dream.

History of the Book

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