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    The Trail of Understanding
  1. Song of Creation
    Being the Kete of the Gods
  2. Song of the Dream Makers
    Being the Kete of:
    Kiwa and Hotu Matua
    Maui Tikitiki a Taranga
    Tamatea Mai Tawhiti
    Ngahue and Poutini
  3. Song of the White Whale
    Being the First Kete of Ra Kai HauTu
  4. Song of the Star Walkers
    Being the Second Kete of Ra Kai HauTu
  5. Song of the Peace Child
    Being the Kete of Te Wairau
  6. Song of the Weeping Waters
    Being the Kete of Rongotikei and Te Rangihouhia
  7. Song of the Sacred Nest
    Being the Kete of Marotini
    The Joining of the Tides of Life
  8. Song of the Ice Mountains
    Being the Kete of Te Wari and Rakaihaitu
  9. Song of the God Stone
    Being the Kete of Paparoa, Huaki and Tira
  10. Song of the Broken Waka
    Being the Kete of Puketapu
  11. Song of the Stars Fires
    Being the Kete of Tamatea Pokia Whenua
  12. Song of the Last Day
    Being the Kete of the Last Karakia

  13. Trail of the Tall Trees
    The Story of the Waka of the Gods
These kete are the treasures of the peoples of the Nation of Waitaha. We have kept them close through sixty-seven generations, for they are the sacred songs of our ancestors. Now we share them with all born of these mountains, and all who call this land home, for you are of this land as we are of this land.
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